Saturday, January 6, 2018

8 JFK Conspiracy Myths

There are a lot of myths that have been allowed to grow on the internet about the JFK assassination. Perhaps the most loopy and vulgar is the one that declares Jacqueline Kennedy some assassinated her own husband right in the car or Gov Connolly turns to shoot JFK only to be struck in the back by his own bullet. There is no logic to any of these claims, just the imaginations of gamer mentality that You Tube has allowed to run havoc across their platform. You Tube exploits and allows pin heads that put suicide bodies on their "talk shows" (which are all about themselves and how great they are), because of the millions of subscribers. Yet a show like mine who interviews and posts Lydia Reich who befriended Anne Frank in the camps, the deem valueless and hides it in their two search engines. Google needs to be busted up Too much power in inexperienced hands. Great at code lousy at policy. Below you will find my own comments and attempt to bust some these myths out the water.

1. Military Coup d’état
2. President Lyndon Johnson
3. Secret Service Agent Driver Bill Greer
4. Zapruder Film altered, ice bullets, umbrella poison dart
5. Documentary “JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet”
6. Open windows in Dealey Plaza
7. The Three Tramps
8. Limousine Bubble Top Roof