Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Searchers with Randolph Benson

JFK Documentary "The Searchers - A Portrait Of John F. Kennedy researchers" Randolph Benson - Academy Award Winning Film Maker

Fourteen years in the making, the film uses never before seen interviews, archival footage, and recently declassified documents to chronicle the past and present of these ordinary citizens and their contributions to revealing the truth about the crime of the 20th century: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The director, producer and editor of THE SEARCHERS Randolph Benson's work has won an Academy Award for Best Student Documentary. Benson received an Eastman Kodak Excellence in Filmmaking Award at the Cannes Film. He has been an instructor of film and video at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University for over a decade. It is my great pleasure to welcome Randy to the show.

Researchers featured in the documentary. John Judge, Cyril Wecht, Robert Groden, Josiah Thompson, Mark Lane, Jim Marrs, Jim DiEugenio, Debra Conway, John Kelin, Gary Aguilar, Rex Bradford, Lisa Pease, Walt Brown, Andy Winiarczyk