Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Missing JFK Files from National Archives

CONFIRMED: Dallas Mayor CIA / Missing JFK Files from National Archives / Alan Dale - JFK Lancer / CAPA / AARC research assistant to Dr. John Newman to all JFK community DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW From the research of Dr. John Newman: November 22, 1963 President Kennedy arrives in Dallas on his way to Dealey Plaza. Mayor of Dallas at that time is Earle Cabell, who is the brother of none other than the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Charles P. Cabell, who President Kennedy had fired, along with CIA director Allen Dulles, because of the Bay of Pigs Fiasco. Thanks to the research of Dr. John Newman, it has now been confirmed that Mayor Earle Cabell was indeed a CIA asset since 1956.

Why is this important?

Elected mayor of Dallas in May 1961, it was Earle Cabell who oversaw Kennedy's motorcade. A motorcade route that saw Kennedy pass through Dealey Plaza, a route that ignored standard rules for presidential safety.

Alan Dale spends most of his days in a small cubical at the National Archives in Washington seeking out research for Dr. John Newman. Alan has uncovered missing Lee Harvey Oswald files, that are indexed to be there and are missing; perplexing everyone at the National Archive staff. Alan unpacks the mystery and looks at what the files may contain. More research revelations are revealed in this show.


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