Tuesday, August 15, 2017

UNIDENTIFIED Larry Hancock Part 2

Tonight Larry Hancock returns for part two of his new book: "UNIDENTIFIED The NSI Problem of UFOs" you can find part one in our archives or simply Google Larry Hancock Night Fright Show UFO and the video will pop up for you to watch.

Folks let me tell you about Larry. Larry Hancock is considered amongst the top tier of JFK assassination researchers. His ground breaking book "Someone Would Have Talked " is a staple on the shelves of anyone who is interested in authentic research on the Kennedy assassination, Not Speculation folks, authentic research. Larry's book co written with Stuart Wexler, titled "The Awful Grace Of God" is the go to book for research on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassination.

Larry describes himself as & I quote: "I'm a conservative guy, a national skeptic, I'm probably the most conservative "Conspiracy Nut" you're ever going to run into, I'm very hard to please & you will see a lot of things that UFO folks write about & talk about are not in this book. This book has been so tightly focused on Military Intelligence, Military & Security observations...had I not been able to focus [my research] like this I probably would not have been able to see what I saw. There is a ton of data that supports this view.

So given that, I tepidly asked Larry if we are being quote unquote "visited" by extraterrestrials. Larry's answer, folks, rattled me. He said "Brent, Someone is not just visiting us, bit someone has some very special interest in us, I can't tell you if they are ETs, inter dimensional, or time travelers..SOMEBODY IS HERE THAT'S DIFFERENT"

That from Larry Hancock. Sends shivers folks.

This is a story that goes back to the end of World War II. What you see later on going on the SAC bases is simply continuity of what had been going on for decades. Whoever or whatever is displaying this interest is totally focused on the American Manhattan Project and more.


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