Monday, September 18, 2017

CONFIRMED with Alan Dale

• CONFIRMED: JFK personal DR:“others besides Oswald must have participated.”
• CONFIRMED: White House Medical Corpsman asks "where is missing autopsy bullet" he handed to Dr Humes.
• CONFIRMED: CIA had "operational interest" in Lee Harvey Oswald well before Dallas.
• CONFIRMED: Owner of Texas School Book Depository with ex Nazi assassin / OSS Intel agent on November 22, 1963.

Alan Dale serves the noted FOIA attorney, Jim Lesar, as Director of the Assassination Archives and Research Center,, and is the host of JFK Conversations, He is affiliated with the research groups JFK Lancer and CAPA, and is responsible for administration and content at He is an administrative and research assistant to Dr. John Newman. What I like about when Alan is with us he takes us into the deep end of the pool of JFK assassination research.


State Secret by Bill Simpich