Sunday, April 3, 2016

Children Of Roswell with Thomas Carey

At the core of any mystery, there lies myths, legends and oral traditions. It's difficult at best for those seeking answers to find the truth. But the truth is always there hidden waiting to be told. One of those ways we learn the truth is from people who were there. Witnesses. In any research it is important to get as close to the original source of information as possible. Fans of this show know how lucky we hare at Night Fright have just such witnesses to history on our show. Ted Sorensen, JFK's closest aid and speech writer confirmed conspiracy, Jane Goodall confirmed her belief in Big Foot, Col. Robert Darling who was in the White Bunker on 9/11 taking orders from both Cheney and Rice walks us through the truth of what really happened that day on 9/11.

Tonight authors and researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have continued with this legacy and done us all a great service with their new book "Children Of Roswell: A Seven Decade Legacy Of Fear and Intimidation" Tonight we look at exactly what the witnesses saw at the famous Roswell UFO crash site at the beginning of July 1947 in the middle of the New Mexico desert. The debris... the bodies... well let me quote witness "Mack" Brazel who said: "They weren't Human". We will also look at the evidence taken from the crash site: who transported it and where. The legendary "memory"metal that was impenetrable, fire proof and when scrunched up in to a ball would unfold itself back into perfect shape. There 's lots to cover tonight so let's get going...