Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Panama Papers with Richard Syrett

Richard Syrett returns! This show tonight couldn't happen at a more APPROPRIATE TIME as the PANAMA PAPERS have just been leaked to the press. It has made public the names of those who hold OFF SHORE ACCOUNTS to the tunes of BILLIONS of dollars and why it matters to the world as a whole. Switzerland Credit Suisse estimates the entire wealth of the world to be 440 trillion dollars. Of That Rothschild's are said to have 300 trillion and the Rockefellers 100 trillion. Meaning essentially two families control the world's wealth and all the rest of us slaving away daily just to put food on the table shoes on our kids. Problem? Bear in mind in addition to these outrageous numbers, 1% of the world's population controls 46 % of all world assets, so again where exactly does that place the rest of us.

As mentioned in the show, Richard is the host of up coming live event:

RICHARD SYRETT PRESENTS: The Canadian theatrical premiere of BILDERBERG, THE MOVIE by Nobel-Prize and Pulitzer-Prize nominee Daniel Estulin. Sunday April 17, 2016 Doors Open 3:30pm 4-7pm Movie/ Presentation/ Q&A Period 7-8 pm Meet & Greet / Book Signing

For more information about this live event click here