Friday, April 28, 2017

Road to War with Douglas Horne

Show time, welcome to the show I'm Brent Holland. Get the coffee going, get the tea going or a beverage of choice. Get in your most comfy chair, kick your feet back and take this time for yourself you have worked and deserve it. Tonight Douglas Horne returns.

Douglas P. Horne is a former U.S. Naval Officer & graduated Cum Laude majoring in history from The Ohio State University. Doug is author of the five-volume work "Inside the Assassination Records Review Board" (about the U.S. Government's medical cover-up of the JFK assassination).

Tonight we are going to explore his new research & findings from his new two volume set of books titled: "Deception Intrigue & The Road to War Volumes 1 & 2" According to Doug's new research, only 11 days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, on November 26, 1941, FDR received a top secret message from Churchill warning of an impending Japanese attack, specifically on Pearl harbor. Doug has produced a grand "new synthesis" which answers the persistent question: "Did FDR know about the Pearl Harbor attack before it took place?" It is my great pleasure to welcome back to the show, Douglas Horne. Doug, can you take us back to the morning of December 7, 1941, the day that will live in infamy, and give us a brief synopsis of the traditional narrative of what took place?


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Martin Luther King Assassination Special

Show time welcome to the show, I'm Brent Holland and welcome one and all to Night Fright. Today is a very special day for us here at Night Fright. Today is April 4th. Today is the anniversary of the day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968. Today we live in a world where a black man has been in the White House, but with a distinct difference from all black people before him in The White House, instead of a person of service, Barrack Obama occupied the most powerful position in the world, The President Of The United Sates. But, make no mistake, it took a lot of red for black to be in the White House.

I want to turn to my favorite song from the band U2. Pride: In The Name Of Love. Its lyrics:

Early morning, April four, Shot rings out in the Memphis sky. Free at last, they took your life, They could not take your pride. Those of course are the lyrics to U2's famous song Pride: In the name of Love. A quick explanation of the lyrics. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed in Memphis on April 4th 1968. His name is "King" and therefore, poetically, his followers could be considered his "pride" ; as that is what lions in a group are referred to. What is most important, is the line from the song that says: they could not take your pride. They didn't stop the Civil Rights movement with the murder of Dr King. The Civil Rights movement was bigger than any one man. It was just. It was right and its time was neigh.

Our guests tonight, Larry Hancock and Stuart Wexler, have written what many feel is the definitive book about the King assassination it is titled: THE AWFUL GRACE OF GOD Religious Terrorism, White Supremacy, and the Unsolved Murder of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tonight we will examine the conspiracy to kill Dr. King, who set up the plot, who was behind it and if James Earl Ray was indeed the lone nut assassin acting on whim , just like they try to tell us both Lee Harvey Oswald was of JFK and Sirhan Sirhan was of Bobby Kennedy. Or if there is more to the story than we have been lead to believe. Let's find out shall we?

Larry Hancock: After service in the Air Force and a career in computer communications Larry Hancock has pursued his lifelong interest in history, researching and writing a number of books dealing with the assassinations of the 1960's and covert and deniable warfare into the 21st Century. His most recent book now in print is Surprise Attack, an exploration of the American security response to attacks from Pearl Harbor though 9/11 and Benghazi.

Stuart Wexler's research on political violence in modern America has been featured in his book America's Secret Jihad and in the book the Awful Grace of God, co-authored with Larry Hancock. Wexler has expanded on his research in appearances on NPR with Leonard Lopate, in the Washington Post, in Newsweek and in the Daily Beast, among other media outlets.


Larry Hancock Website
Counterpress Profile on Stuart Wexler

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Return to Spandau with Tom Lipscomb

LAST MAN IN SPANDAU… The mystery surrounding Rudolf Hess’s flight
Tom Lipscomb

The German juggernaut was ripping across Europe and it looked as though nothing could stop them. Country after country fell to the onslaught. Just after the decimated British forces were forced out of France at Dunkirk and just weeks prior Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of Soviet Russia, a German Messerschmitt was sighted flying into British airspace over Scotland in the dead of night. Inside the cockpit was none other than Hitler's number man Rudolph Hess. His mission? To take part in an emerging covert plot and coup instigated from the upper echelon of British power to over throw both the British government and remove Churchill. The next step was to appease and make peace with the Germany. This story has all the makings of a master mystery novel full of intrigue and plot twists, except for one thing. It's true.

Tom Lipscomb has done impeccable investigation, as always to the highest standards, and has turned this epic into a stunning new play: "LAST MAN IN SPANDAU…. The mystery surrounding Rudolf Hess’s flight, his subsequent murder and suspected SAS involvement." You'll never believe just how close we came to losing the war except for the will of one man: Winston Churchill. Tom has been a CEO in book publishing, where he was responsible for bestsellers by authors as diverse as Agatha Christie, Susan Isaacs, Craig Claiborne, Jack Anderson, and William Safire.


Previous interview with Tom Lipscomb on this topic

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Deep State Control with Alan Dale

Alan Dale traces the deep state control of all presidencies starting from Eisenhower's stern warning of the "Military Industrial Complex". JFK / Vietnam, CIA /NSA /NBI /Military Intel ops programs. Clinton / Trump.

For the past two and a half years Alan Dale has been serving as a research assistant to Dr. John M. Newman; He has cohosted JFKFacts Online with renowned Investigative Journalist and author Jefferson Morley; He is a contributing Editor and Director of the Assassination Archives and Research Center; and he is the host of an online interview program which may be found at


JFK & Vietnam by John M. Newman

Monday, March 27, 2017

2022 The Return of Jesus

Show time welcome to the show, I'm Brent Holland and welcome one and all to Night Fright. It's time to sit in your most comfy and take this time for yourself. Get the coffee going get the tea going or beverage of choice.

As I drove into the studio tonight, well, Its spring out there folks! It is a time for new beginnings, for sowing seeds, it is also Persian New Year so No-Rooz Mobarak! to all my Persian friends out there , and dare I say with Easter upon us, it is time for resurrections of the biblical kind.

When last on, our guest tonight Ali Siadatan spoke of biblical prophecy and the birth of Christ. Now wait until I read this article from The Daily Beast by journalists CANDIDA MOSS.

"In 2022, approximately five years from now, a new star will appear in the night sky. Scientifically speaking, the appearance of this nova is the product of the collision of two other astral bodies. And for six months this new star will—to the naked eye—be the brightest in the heavens.

Given that this is the first time that people will be able to witness a moment like this without technology, it’s a significant event in human history, but it may be much more than that.

According to one rabbi, this new star is a sign of the coming of the Messiah. Arguably the most famous example that connects the appearance of a star to the arrival of a messianic leader is found in the Gospel of Matthew when the magi find their way to the newborn Jesus by following a particularly noteworthy star." The Daily Beast Candida Moss March 2017

As fans of this show know, when Ali was here last Christmas we looked at biblical prophecy and the Birth of Christ, tonight we will continue & look at biblical prophecy and the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ.

Ali Siadatan is the producer of a documentary titled: "UFOs Angels & Gods" when released on You Tube, the documentary had an astounding 270 thousand hits in its first nine months.

Ali Siadatan began his personal spiritual quest during the Iranian Revolution in 1979 becoming a follower of Jesus in 1991. Ali is the founder of Think Again Productions in Canada which is a multimedia teaching ministry. Evidence keeps agreeing with the bible’s tale... from biblical cities peering through the sand to “alien” abductions and prophetic events, the mysteries of the bible have opened up to our generation in a way no other could see it... Ali has a Masters degree in French Language & Literature which he completed at the University of Toronto. Ali has a Black Belt in Kung Fu.


Think Again Productions