Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hunt For Truth

At the time the Vietnam war was raging with no end in sight. PRESIDENT NIXON was elected to a second term on the promise to end the war. However, in 1971, a fellow by the name of DANIEL ELLESBERG leaked a top secret US government study called the VIETNAM PAPERS to the newspapers, the study said that the Vietnam War was unwinnable. Nixon was furious at the leak and hired several ex CIA operators to stop the leaks. These guys became known as the "WATERGATE PLUMBERS" . E. Howard Hunt was one of these fellows along with Bernard Barker, Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, Frank Sturgis and James W. McCord. Now we look at the JFK ASSASSINATION and a TAPE RECORDING that was made by E. HOWARD HUNT himself, shortly before he died, that may include information about who was REALLY BEHIND the JFK ASSASSINATION. The tape given to his son Saint John Hunt, who is our guest tonight and has penned two books about his life with his father , including what he was personally involved with the night of his father came home from WATERGATE. And a book about his mom Dorothy Hunt who was KILLED UNDER shall we say very MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, in a plane crash at the height of the Watergate investigation in December 1972.


Hunt For Truth

Books by Saint John Hunt:
Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family
Dorothy, "An Amoral and Dangerous Woman"
Bond of Secrecy

Friday, July 8, 2016

An open letter to PM Justin Trudeau by Paul Hellyer

June 1. 2016

Dear Prime Minister:

Congratulations for taking such a strong stand when you spoke at the G7 summit in Tokyo last week in favour of government spending to bring new life to moribund economies. Despite the skeptics, it is the only plan with a proven track record. In 1939 it was massive federal spending that got us out of the Great Depression and allowed us to become a significant participant in World War II.

It appears that your G7 colleagues were not only divided on the question of promoting growth, but equally stymied about the related problem of debt, which is at its highest level in history. Our society, in general, is in denial that the world financial system is broken. It has been cracked for a very long time, but in the last few decades it has become a total write off as an operating system.

This is because privately-owned banks have managed to achieve a monopoly to create “money.” It is all created as debt – debt that has to be repaid in full with interest. But there is no money created with which to pay either interest or repay capital. Basic arithmetic proves that the system is a dead end. Money is the gasoline essential for any economy, but there is no way to get any except to borrow it and go deeper and deeper in debt – a lifetime mortgage on our most precious assets.

There is only one solution that can save the system and that is a massive infusion of government-created debt-free money to dilute the ocean of existing debt, and an end to the banking monopoly that has enabled 62 families to acquire ownership of 50% of all the wealth in the world. In future the money-creation function must be shared fairly between government and the private banks.

The Money Mafia with Hon. Paul Hellyer CDN Minister

The Honourable Paul Hellyer-- Canadian Minister of Defence (ret) "The Money Mafia A World In Crisis". A no nonsense real world perspective on the looming global financial crisis due directly to BANKING CABALS. Mr Hellyer's reveals his direct approach to ending the financial crisis and poverty using a tried and true formula that was utilized during his time in the Canadian Parliament. A time that saw has been recorded as the most prosperous in Canada thus far. For those with pessimism in their hearts, Mr. Hellyer's approach brings new hope and a real world solution not just for Canada but globally and especially in America. At this crucial juncture in history Mr. Hellyer's interview is a must.

Paul Hellyer served as an artillery gunner during the second world war and was elected to Parliament in 1949. At that time he was the youngest MP ever elected to parliament. During that period, he served under Prime Minister Louis St Laurent as Associate Minister of National Defence. In 1963 Mr. Hellyer served as Minister of Defence in the cabinet of Nobel Peace Prize winner Lester B Person (Peace Keeping). In 1968, under Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, that's Justin's dad by the way, Mr. Hellyer served once again as a cabinet minister this time as Minister of Transport.


Paul Hellyer website

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The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis
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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Faustian Bargains with Joan Mellen

Perhaps no president has a more ambiguous reputation than LBJ. He maneuvered colleagues and turned bills into law better than anyone. But he was trailed by a legacy of underhanded dealings, from his “stolen” Senate election in 1948 to kickbacks from deals with Texas wheeler-dealer Billie Sol Estes and defense contractors like Brown & Root. On the verge of investigation, Johnson was reprieved when he became president upon JFK’s assassination. Among the remaining mysteries, has been LBJ’s relationship to Mac Wallace, who, in 1951, shot a Texas man who was having an affair with none than Johnson's very own sister Josefa. Josefa, at the time, was also Wallace's lover. When arrested, Wallace cooly said “I work for Johnson... I need to get back to Washington.”

Johnson’s own lawyer John Cofer, defended Wallace on the murder charge. Now get this, Wallace ended up being convicted of that murder charge but, are you ready folks, received a suspended sentence. But wait it doesn't end there, Wallace then was able to get a high-security clearance from LBJ friend and defense contractor D.H. Byrd, which the Office of Naval Intelligence tried to revoke for 11 years without success.

Using crucial Life magazine and Naval Intelligence files and the unredacted FBI files on Mac Wallace, never before utilized by others, investigative writer Joan Mellen skillfully connects these two disparate Texas lives and lends stark credence to the dark side of Lyndon Johnson that has largely gone unsubstantiated. Joan Mellen is a professor at Temple University and has authored an amazing twenty-two books, most recently "A Farewell To Justice," "Our Man In Haiti" and "The Great Game in Cuba," These books explore the history of the Central Intelligence Agency and its role in the planning and cover-up of the Kennedy assassination.


Joan Mellen website

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Faustian Bargains
A Farewell to Justice
The Great Game in Cuba
Our Man in Haiti
Lessons in Disaster

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Great Heroin Coup with Jerry Meldon

A template for the control of heroin has been in place for a long, long time. Afghanistan supplies 90 percent of the world's poppy. These drugs are being sold on the streets of America and funnel right back to fund terrorists. The poppy trade seems to parallel US involvement intelligence operational starting in Vietnam, The Corsican Mob's involvement in the JFK assassination, South East Asia, Central America, Iran -Contra, South America and now Afghanistan. Coincidence? Not according to our guest and his book "The Great Heroin Coup". Jerry Meldon is Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. He has written extensively about U.S. foreign affairs, intelligence operations and narcotics trafficking for the Boston Globe, consortiumnews.com and other media outlets.


Books discussed in this episode:
The Great Heroin War