Sunday, May 8, 2016

Remote Viewing & JFK Forensics with Jim Marrs

1992, JIM MARRS spent three years researching and completing a non-fiction book on a TOP-SECRET U.S. government program involving the psychic phenomenon known as REMOTE VIEWING, only to have it mysteriously canceled as it was going to press in the summer of 1995. The CIA REVEALED the program but put their own spin on PSYCHIC studies. Psi Spies was finally published in 2007. Jim Marrs wrote the book CROSSFIRE: The Plot to kill Kennedy which OLIVER STONE took & made into his cinematic masterpiece film: JFK. Jim Marrs discusses the new 21ST CENTURY FORENSIC SCIENCE that has once & for all PROVED a FRONTAL SHOT and a 2ND SHOOTER.


A View From Marrs

Books by Jim Marrs:
PSI Spies
Population Control
Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy
Alien Agenda
The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poltergeists with Jenny Ashford

Our guest tonight Jenny Ashford is a writer, graphic designer, and has a horror blog called, Goddess of Hellfire, that contains short stories and articles, and her reviews and opinions on horror films and books. Her books The Rochdale Poltergeist and The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist are true stories of paranormal activity and are the focus of our show together tonight. They are both in a word, terrifying. The book The Rochedale Polterigeist documents The Gardner family who is haunted by flying objects, disembodied voices, phantom smells and sounds, and strangest of all, copious falls of water seemingly coming from nowhere. Jenny Ashford's second book is called The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist , also a true story. In December of 1982, when Tom Ross was thirteen years old, he took a week’s vacation to Mammoth Lakes in California with his aunt, uncle, and cousin. Almost from the moment they arrived at their condo, they experienced a near-constant barrage of bizarre phenomena that escalated over their stay, and seemed to follow them after they left. Items moved around by themselves, shades flew open when no one was near them, bloody tissues appeared out of nowhere, words appeared on windows in empty rooms, a blue haze seemed to hover near the ceiling, a door chain was broken from the inside by what appeared to be a clawed hand, and disembodied voices emerged from corners. Thirty-two years later, the four witnesses decided to gather together to tell their story.


Godess of Hellfire
The Rochdale Poltergeist
The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Starshot with Stanton Friedman

Get the coffee going, get the tea or a beverage of choice. Get in that comfy chair , settle in and get ready for an exceptional ride tonight. Tonight the legend returns: Stan Friedman is here tonight.

There is a new initiative put together by Stephen Hawking, the uber rich Yuri Millner and Face Book's Mark Zuckerberg called: Breakthrough Starshot. Essentially what they want to do is put one hundred million dollars behind a project that will launch a robobotic spacecraft at one fifth the speed of light to the Alpha Centauri star system, at a distance of 4.37 light years: or 25 trillion miles.

In order to achieve this feat, they will utilize something called a starchip & lightsail. The idea is to propel the craft along by light. The weight of the craft would be less than a piece of paper.

Stan Friedman is a nuclear physicist that held a top secret clearance at McDonnell Douglas where he worked on advanced classified fission and fusion projects. He is also warmly called by all "The Father Of Roswell" because of his ground breaking research and series of books on the subject, a story that was all but dead until Stan championed the cause and dove right into the fray.


Contact in the Desert
Stanton Friedman website
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Panama Papers with Richard Syrett

Richard Syrett returns! This show tonight couldn't happen at a more APPROPRIATE TIME as the PANAMA PAPERS have just been leaked to the press. It has made public the names of those who hold OFF SHORE ACCOUNTS to the tunes of BILLIONS of dollars and why it matters to the world as a whole. Switzerland Credit Suisse estimates the entire wealth of the world to be 440 trillion dollars. Of That Rothschild's are said to have 300 trillion and the Rockefellers 100 trillion. Meaning essentially two families control the world's wealth and all the rest of us slaving away daily just to put food on the table shoes on our kids. Problem? Bear in mind in addition to these outrageous numbers, 1% of the world's population controls 46 % of all world assets, so again where exactly does that place the rest of us.

As mentioned in the show, Richard is the host of up coming live event:

RICHARD SYRETT PRESENTS: The Canadian theatrical premiere of BILDERBERG, THE MOVIE by Nobel-Prize and Pulitzer-Prize nominee Daniel Estulin. Sunday April 17, 2016 Doors Open 3:30pm 4-7pm Movie/ Presentation/ Q&A Period 7-8 pm Meet & Greet / Book Signing

For more information about this live event click here



Sunday, April 3, 2016

Children Of Roswell with Thomas Carey

At the core of any mystery, there lies myths, legends and oral traditions. It's difficult at best for those seeking answers to find the truth. But the truth is always there hidden waiting to be told. One of those ways we learn the truth is from people who were there. Witnesses. In any research it is important to get as close to the original source of information as possible. Fans of this show know how lucky we hare at Night Fright have just such witnesses to history on our show. Ted Sorensen, JFK's closest aid and speech writer confirmed conspiracy, Jane Goodall confirmed her belief in Big Foot, Col. Robert Darling who was in the White Bunker on 9/11 taking orders from both Cheney and Rice walks us through the truth of what really happened that day on 9/11.

Tonight authors and researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have continued with this legacy and done us all a great service with their new book "Children Of Roswell: A Seven Decade Legacy Of Fear and Intimidation" Tonight we look at exactly what the witnesses saw at the famous Roswell UFO crash site at the beginning of July 1947 in the middle of the New Mexico desert. The debris... the bodies... well let me quote witness "Mack" Brazel who said: "They weren't Human". We will also look at the evidence taken from the crash site: who transported it and where. The legendary "memory"metal that was impenetrable, fire proof and when scrunched up in to a ball would unfold itself back into perfect shape. There 's lots to cover tonight so let's get going...