Sunday, March 27, 2016

JFK From Parkland To Bethesda with Vincent Palamara

Tonight we'll be looking at if the SECRET SERVICE was COMPLICIT in the Kennedy assassination. Why some of the agents assigned to protect President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 felt it was ok to stay out all night and be DRUNK ON DUTY. We'll be looking at the SECRET SERVICE agents TESTYFYING they believed a SHOT CAME FROM IN FRONT OF JFK, which means two shooters one behind JFK and the other in front which means by definition CONSPIRACY. Why is this always glossed over in main stream media? The SECRET SERVICE COVER-UP of the assassination and the set up of whistle blower Secret Service agent ABRAHAM BOLDEN who was the FIRST AFRICAN - AMERICAN SECRET SERVICE AGENT on White House protective duty HANDPICKED BY KENNEDY who was not on duty that day otherwise we would not be having this conversation as Mr. Bolden has told me he would have taken the fatal bullet and SACRIFICED HIS OWN LIFE for JFK. We also delve into the real life testimony of Jackie Kennedy about what she witnessed and experienced trying hopelessly to keep her husband's head intact while he lay in her lap on the harrowing drive to Parkland Hospital. Vincent Palamara returns with his new book "JFK From Parkland To Bethesda The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium"


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