Sunday, March 20, 2016

In The Eye of History with William M. Law

Somber eve out there tonight, clouds are low and heavily overcast. But not to worry we have an incredible guest with new explosive revelations surrounding the JFK assassination autopsy. Was the body removed from the casket on board Air Force one before its departure from Dallas? Was there more than one autopsy? Was the autopsy purposely botched in order to conceal evident of conspiracy? What elite military personal were front row present at the autopsy? Have autopsy x-rays been tampered with? Were there two coffin, one empty and the other with Kennedy's body. Did a helicopter indeed take off behind Air Force One at Andrews AFB? Did it contain the body of JFK in order to rush it a 1st autopsy in order to destroy crucial bullet fragments? Who was aware and "running the show" Or was it all a series of unintentional blunders and perceptions? Lets back up for a second. November 22, 1963 president Kennedy has just rounded the corner of Houston to head down Elm Street Ominously he passes in front of the Texas School Book Depository and just ahead to his right is what will become famously known as the grassy knoll. Shots ring out and a flurry of bullets pass inside the limousine fatally wounding the President and hitting Governor Connolly with life threatening wounds.

Arriving at Trauma Room One at parkland hospital medical personal witness a wound in JFK's throat, described as an entrance wound. They also witnesses the back of JFK's head blown out.

At the proclamation of President Kennedy's death the body is wrapped and placed in a bronze casket. What happens next is exactly where we are going tonight. The JFK body and the official autopsy or maybe autopsies, plural). William Law returns to join us tonight with an update to his ground breaking book "In The Eye Of History, Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence" Essentially William has done us all a great service by giving us his interviews with 1st person witnesses who were there beside the Presidents body in Bethesda before, during and after the assassination. William law has been a researcher of the Kennedy assassination for 25 years and is a frequent speaker at JFK conferences. It is my pleasure to welcome back to Night Fright William law.


William M. Law Interview from 2008