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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

JFK Autopsy Manipulation

The JFK conspiracy is the biggest conspiracy in history. After the assassination, President Kennedy’s body was flown on board Air Force One from Dallas to Bethesda for an autopsy. But, all of the autopsy notes were purposely burned by one of the autopsy doctors. What was so explosive to the nation that 1 st and 2 nd draft notes had to be destroyed and wounds to the president went unexamined or physically distorted?  Why were untrained admirals and generals barking orders at he Bethesda autopsy doctors about what to examine and what not to? What went on in that autopsy chamber? JFK author and researcher William Law has interviewed the actual autopsy staff that was present that awful night in November and what they have revealed is shattering. For the first time we will descend into the bowels of the Bethesda Hospital and be taken behind the large steal doors into the damp and cold morgue. And through the eyes and the words of the autopsy staff we will observe the president’s autopsy from right beside the table that held the body of the fallen president. Tonight the JFK autopsy and the cover up of medical evidence that would prove a shooter from the front. Assassination author and researcher William Law is here. Oh and by the way...all the rumors you have ever heard about the assassination... are true!


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