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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Chicago Plot with Jim DiEugenio

The JFK conspiracy is the biggest conspiracy in history. The consequences of President Kenny’s assassination resound to today. But just how big was the plot to kill the president? Was the president, indeed, a hunted man? Were there other plots afoot to assassinate the president? Was there in fact an “assassination template” that was being employed in various cities the president was traveling to throughout November 1963 . Were the same plotters and tacticians behind these plans as well? Tonight JFK author and researcher James DiEugenio is here to discuss a plot that has largely gone unnoticed, a plot with so many parallels to Dallas that it is beyond coincidence and is eerily ominous to what would be successful two weeks later in Dealey Plaza . Tonight we will discuss the Chicago Plot. But first to set up the interview let me play this clip from the movie JFK. All the rumors you have ever heard about the assassination… are true. This afternoon on Night Fright. It’s the JFK assassination


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