Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Secrets of Nikola Tesla

When one thinks of electricity one thinks of Thomas Edison. One thinks of radio Marconi leaps to mind. But there is one name that has, until now, gone somewhat unforgotten: Nikola Tesla. In fact it is due to Tesla’s work that we now electricity all over the world. He is the inventor of AC. The fact you’re listening to this radio show right now is another invention of Tesla’s; hi frequency radio waves. But why has history chosen to marginalize him? Could it be that some of the technological revolutions he created are so threatening to the world as we know it that they are designated top secret by national security?  Technology so secret that the government denies they even exist?  Rumours have been afoot for decades about Tesla’s ability to manipulate frequencies in the atmosphere to affect weather a patterns. Today’s top secret HAARP or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program installation, located by the way, in a remote area of Alaska , is said to be based directly from Tesla’s research. Is there a link to our changing weather patterns due to HAARP’s unbridled use of this technology that has simply gotten out of control? War time history is flooded with rumours about Tesla’s particle beam weapon. In fact Britain and Yugoslavia are reported to have been in the process of purchasing the weapon when the second world war ended. It is reported that the Star Wars program of the Reagan era is directly linked to Tesla’s papers. Even more explosive, details pour in that Tesla was in contact with extraterrestrial beings, indeed as confessed by Tesla himself. Tonight on Night Fright we look at the life and times of Nikola Tesla. Tonight on Night Fright we reveal the technology behind creations of Nikola Tesla. Tonight on Night Fight screenwriter and researcher Lisa Pease returns to reveal the hidden secrets of Nikola Tesla. Get ready for one hell of an explosive ride. Strap in and hang on here we go.

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