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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Killing of Men of Peace: Why JFK, MLK and RFK were targeted for assassination

Rarely in our lives do we merit such a one as this? A man of PEACE, a man of courage and a man with a dream… a dream that would elevate our very soul and include all of mankind. Dr. Martin Luther King was such a man. Just five years before, another man of peace had fallen to assassins bullets: President John F. Kennedy. But Why? Together, we all, demand to know why. Why were these men who sought global peace and brotherhood cut down when they were both on the verge of obtaining real change and peace? Tonight on Night Fright we will show the targeting and the hunting that took place of men who dared to speak out against war.  Tonight on Night Fright we disclose the real evidence and finally put to rest once and for all the false stories of crazed lone gunmen. Tonight on Night Fright James Douglass joins us to show how the war machine attacked the doves.


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