Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Montreal & The Assassinations of JFK, MLK & RFK with Jim DiEugenio

Tonight we continue our series on the Robert Kennedy assassination with a special live broadcast from radio station CKUT McGill University in my home city of Montreal. McGill University: a legendary bastion of celebrated scholars such as Canadian Prime Ministers, Nobel Laureates, and US National Security advisors. But it also has a dark past. Perhaps a past that the administration would like to keep in the shadows. A past they would like to see erased from the glorious halls of higher learning here at McGill. It is a past that will shock you and horrify you. Worst of all its true. I am talking about the CIA mind control project of the 1950 s and 1960 s infamously known as MKULTRA.  That right folks, right here at McGill’s Allen Memorial not a block from this studio and right on Canadian soil. Psychiatric patients were used as experimental animals and were induced with the psychotic mind altering and often lethal drug LSD. Remember this part. They also used hypnotic suggestion along with the LSD on their human lab rats. The experiments of Dr. Ewen Cameron are well known and barbaric. But there was another one before him. Someone much older who knew Cameron when Cameron was but a young student in the late 50s. He too was a McGill graduate in psychiatry from the post war 1940s. His name was Dr. Renatus Hartogs.

What we have found today is even more chilling and may be inadvertently involved with the biggest assassinations in history. And I do say assassinations in pleural on purpose. On the surface this is quite a bold statement. But I ask you all to consider this. Dr Hartogs had worked on known CIA projects in both Montreal and New York . Now, enter one lone gun man and purported assassin. Lee Harvey Oswald the accused assassin of President John F Kennedy. Being a troubled youth, Oswald was sent for psychiatric treatment in the early 1950s. Now, guess who his psychiatrist was? Our McGill alumni: Dr. Renatus Hartogs! Now Dr. Hartogs, CIA connected Dr Hartogs,  was also responsible for reporting to the Warren Commission about his diagnosis that Oswald was unstable. This diagnosis made Oswald look like a malcontent and sealed Oswald's reputation as a lone nut assassin. Oh, but wait it gets better. In the summer of 1963 , prior to the November assassination of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald is documented as handing out leaflets not only in New Orleans but…right here in Montreal. And just down the street from the Allen Memorial. Coincidence you say? Fast forward to 1967 and guess who else happened to be in Montreal right around the corner from where Oswald was spotted, just prior to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr? James Earl Ray.  It has long been reported that Sirhan Sirhan was under hypnotic suggestion when he allegedly assassinated Bobby Kennedy. Tonight with researcher James DiEugenio we will see if there is a connection back to our glorious Mont Royal (Montreal).


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