Sunday, December 2, 2018

Senator Hugh Segal chief of staff for PM Mulroney

A provocative case for the special balance and uniquely Canadian nature of the Tory imperative throughout our history In a manner that reflects his long-time academic and practitioner’s association with conservative politics and ideas in Canada, Hugh Segal traces the deep historical roots of Canadian conservatism and the themes that unite its pre- and post-confederation reality with today’s challenges and issues. The Right Balance connects the historical roots and exclusive intellectual principles of Canadian conservatism to the fundamental idea of Canada with a new and insightful perspective.Provocative and timely, this book puts the present Stephen Harper–led Conservatives into a dynamic historical context and gives readers fresh insights into how Canadian Conservatism is different and why, providing depth and texture to today’s headlines. The Right Balance will appeal to both adults and students who are interested in the economics, ideas and DNA of our present political debates.

Original air date: March 16, 2011