Monday, February 19, 2018

MKULTRA with Paul Jeffery Davids

Tonight we are going to delve into the CIA's Mind Control project called MK-ULTRA. For those of you maybe unaware of this program, there is reference to it in the hit TV show Stranger Things. My thanks to Kara Lee Gibson for the heads up on that one. our guest tonight and co-author of the book, along with John Selby, Blowing America's Mind: A true Story of Princeton, CIA Mind Control, and Zen, is Paul Jeffery Davids, who is a first person witness to what took place as he was one of the people experimented on. Tonight we get his firsthand account. But first as always, some context.

MKUltra was a covert operation designed and conducted by the CIA that went on from the 1950's to the early 1970's. It had the goal of developing mind-control techniques which could be used against enemies during the Cold War. The CIA made use of existing psychiatric facilities most associated with universities such as Princeton and yes in Canada, McGill at the Allen memorial Psychiatric Hospital. The subjects, many of which were unwitting, suffered extensive use of psychedelic drugs, physical and mental abuse, sleep deprivation and malnourishment, among many other experiments. In all there were 149 MKUltra subprojects dealing with behavioral modification. A further 33 subprojects were funded under MKUltra that were not related to this type of research. we will never know what these projects were about.

Paul Jeffrey Davids is a Los Angeles based producer, writer & director films such as “Roswell: The UFO Cover-up”, Hasbro's "THE TRANSFORMERS" and "TIMOTHY LEARY'S DEAD , which premiered at TIFF by the way". Paul is author of six STAR WARS novels for Lucasfilm. And he has B. A. in Psychology, Princeton University.