Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Youtube Adpocalypse Eric Feinberg

Tonight we are going to get to the bottom of what has been labeled "The You Tube Apocalypse" and what really happened and what is really going on.
Eric Feinberg - HIIT System Specialist, the man who allegedly took down You Tube

So what caused all this. Some background for you that maybe unaware fo what has happened on You Tube and what it means: On March 24, 2017, the newspaper: The Wall Street Journal ran an article by Jack Nicas titled: Google’s YouTube Has Continued Showing Brands’ Ads With Racist and Other Objectionable Videos; PepsiCo, Wal-Mart, Dish Network say they are suspending Google non-search ads

So, what happened next? The advertisers had a knee jerk reaction and without think through their actions and their consequences pulled all of their advertising off of You Tube. As is this consequential?

You Tube has a moto that states "broadcast yourself" . Not only broadcast yourself, but as a creator You Tube broadcaster, just like television we will run commercials or ads on your videos , charge advertisers to do that and give you a percentage of the revenue we make from advertisers. Sounds good no? Ok but is allowed to be broadcast and what isn't?

Ok quickly here is how it works. I am what You Tube calls a You Tube content creator. This very show I am doing right now and you are watching is on my you tube channel. You Tube now has my show as what they call "content" to run advertisers commercials under. So there are 3 components to You Tube 1. Content 2. You Tube supplying a platform to broadcast the content 3. advertisers who run ads. What's in it for the advertisers. Numbers of people watching. The reach billions of people every year and sell their products again just like TV. It has up until now, worked well . But the system is reliant on all 3 components. The system is broken. The advertisers have bailed.

In another knee jerk unthought out reaction You Tube themselves have panicked and implemented some pretty draconian new rules. To appease the advertisers and make it "safe" for them they have set new rules that anything that deem too controversial will not be allowed to run ads under them. Seems reasonable except, Lydia Reich example.

The human impact: million of YouTube creators are now out of work. Yes millions (estimates have the number at approx six million). people that fed their kids, derived a living from their work, supplemented incomes now have none. Yesterday despite having over 300 video on You Tube, most of historical informative nature, I made 88 cents.

He's been called The Man Who Took Down You Tube? down, sounds a little draconian to me though, not sure I agree with that statement, but let's continue, he has had death threats hurled against him, one online video, with an ominous tone, tells him to be very careful and watch his back and I quote from the video "I would not be surprised to find out he might be found bludgeoned to death by one of his torn off limbs, I don't condone him getting killed over this but I won't be surprised when they are".