Thursday, May 4, 2017

Get Me Roger Stone

Political Consultant & Strategist Roger Stone is with us tonight. Stone as political advisor, has played a key role in the election of Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan & Donald Trump. Stone is credited with the closing down the 2000 Florida recount which made George W Bush President.

Roger Stone has been called "possibly the most dangerous man in politics" The Washington Post has called him Richard Nixon’s dirty trickster" He has been banned from CNN for a derogatory tweet and now Twitter has banned him as well. Others claim he is the "best dressed political insider".

Thursday Roger Stone had his Twitter account suspended after appearing to threaten a Media Matters employee in a tweet. And it is into this whirl wind and a storm of controversy, I'd like to welcome Roger Stone to the show.

• Why Hilary lost and what the Democrats have to do to start winning
• on Trump & what makes him a winner
• Syrian attack what it means
• is Trump being coerced by the Military Industrial Complex
• compares Trump to Truman
• who to trust who not to; CIA, NSA, FBI, Intelligence Community
• on Nixon
• Russians, Julian Assange, Wiki leaks
• death threats
• JFK / LBG who he believes was part of the conspiracy
• electoral reform
• Roger's first "dirty trick", in high school!
• why Roger is the best dressed man in politics
• Now always remember folks, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you" Joseph Heller author Catch 22


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