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Saturday, September 6, 2014

UFO Nuclear Missiles Shut Down with Robert Salas

This is a true story. March 1967 Robert Salas was 2nd in command in a nuclear proof missile bunker under sixty feet of reinforced concrete deep below the surface. Top side the military guards were frantic calling him to tell him that unidentified lights were rapidly approaching in the start studded skies over Malmstrom AFB in Montana. The next call told him that they had weapons drawn and shots fired at a huge disc hovering over the guard post. Suddenly all 10 nuclear missiles Salas was responsible for went off line; he had lost control. The next event sends chills: proximity alerts sounded that someone or something had entered the missile silos. What follows next is historical. How close did we come? Who were and what was the true intent of these "Alien Invaders"?


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