Friday, September 5, 2014

JFK Conspiracy: Who was Lee Harvey Oswald?

Tonight, on Night Fright, a roundtable discussion with three noted JFK assassination researchers. Alan Dale, Bill Simpich, and Larry Hancock join us. What they have to say, may surprise you!

Topics include:
  • Did the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis sign JFK's death warrant?
  • Was Kennedy killed for trying to open a back channel with Castro? Thus angering Cuban exiles.
  • Did Johnson's attempts to "control the funnel" of information lead to a cover up?
  • Was the assassination, of Officer Tippit, designed to frame Oswald as a "cop killer?"
  • Did someone impersonate Oswald on the telephone in Mexico City?
  • Who was "The Wizard of Whispering Death?"
  • Was Oswald a "disposable asset" for the CIA?
  • Why did Oswald leave his wedding ring, and cash, behind for his wife?  
  • Was he trying to flee the country the day of the assassination?
  • Who initiated "the hit" on JFK?

Original air date: Aug 27, 2014

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