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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canada ’s Roswell : Shag Harbour

Tonight, a show you have to stay dialed into. Shag Harbour Nova Scotia; also known as Canada’s Roswell. Now I bet you didn’t know Canada has its own Roswell. Well it began like so many other nights in Nova Scotia. It was crisp and clear in October 1967. Five lights were spotted moving fast across the sky over the small Nova Scotia inlet known as Shag Harbour. Unexpectedly, an unearthly orange glow began to emit from the centre of the lights and without warning the object crashed into the middle of the bay and began to submerge. To the unsuspecting community of Shag Harbour, all hell was about to break loose. US nuclear submarines, coast guard boats, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Mounties converged into a tight net encircling the now submerged craft. Almost immediately reports were heard of a crashed alien craft, underwater alien body retrieval, and an unknown luminescent foam bubbling on the surface. But hang on folks. This is only the beginning. Tonight on Night Fright Canadian UFO research investigator Don Ledger joins live on the phone from Nova Scotia. Tonight on Night Fright Ontario MUFON director is also here live in studio. Tonight on Night Fright a show of true UFO sightings and Canadian government cover-ups. Tonight on Night Fright its Canada’s Roswell: Shag Harbour. Strap in and hang on here we go.


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