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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Richard Phillips The Second Ship

Ever wondered if those fuzzy pictures of lights flying across the night sky are really alien aircraft? Do you think the government is really hiding UFOs at Area 51? If so, you may not be alone. According to The Associated Press, with over one third of the population saying Aliens actually do exist. Author and nuclear physicist Richard Phillips believes life on other planets does indeed exist. His belief stems from extensive classified research in aerospace technologies that he generated for the U.S. military. In his new sci-fi thriller book, "The Second Ship" Phillips explores the reality of mankind harnessing powerful alien technology and the implications the new technology would have on humanity. "Every new technology offers fascinating opportunities, but at a potential cost," says Phillips, who is a huge proponent of scientific research but believes every scientific theory is only a model of reality."

Technologies currently under investigation carry risks. For example, CERN scientists outside Geneva are proceeding with tests that could produce a micro black hole, thereby destroying our planet. Tonight on Night Fright we explore the possibilities of back engineered alien technology. Tonight on Night Fright we look at the secrecy of an ongoing extensive cover-up at Area 51. Tonight on Night Fright Stick around and get ready to be riveted to your seat. Strap in and hang on here we go!