Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Daniel Dodge Mystery Rick Nelson

Daniel Dodge, heir to the fortune and son of multi-millionaire John Dodge founder of the Dodge Motor Car drowned mysteriously in 1938 off Manatoulin Island near Sudbury Canada. Daniel, severally injured from a dynamite blast, was in the back of his speed boat while his wife, also injured, drove and raced along the shores of Lake Huron in a frantic attempt to get him to medical care.

Suddenly, for some unknown reason, Daniel stood bolt straight upright and either "fell" over board or perhaps was all too conveniently pushed. You see he had married a girl from the island and rumours where abound throughout the Dodge family that she was beneath him in stature and her true desire was not for Daniel at all but the Dodge family fortune. The rumors seemed all too true for the Dodge family living in Detroit, for you see Daniel had married been only 13 days when the tragedy occurred.

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