Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JFK Assassination Lee Harvey Oswald Rick Nelson

Nov. 22 1963. Shots ring out and moments later a young President lay dying in his wife's arms. Only two hours later a young man is arrested while watching a movie. He is charged with the assassination, but, unlike all other assassins, he is the only one to date to emphatically deny he killed anyone. That man's name is Lee Harvey Oswald. Only 3 days later Oswald is a victim himself by a mafia thug by the name of Jack Ruby. Was Oswald the real assassin or was he just the patsy he claimed he was?

Was he capable of the shooting? Is he the only shooter? Was he silenced to prevent him revealing the true conspiracy at work? Our guest Rick Nelson lived with Marina Oswald (Oswald's widow) and her husband Ken Porter for a year. Marina gave personal insights that year into the true nature and character of her late husband, one Lee Harvey Oswald. Next to Marina, Rick Nelson just maybe the leading expert on the real Lee Harvey Oswald.