Saturday, October 14, 2017

JFK 3 New Witnesses David Lifton

For the first time ever David Lifton reveals 3 new witnesses who he has found. David will reveal what they saw and the revelations this means for what we thought we knew about November 22, 1963 and Dealey Plaza. This is going to be ground breaking folks! Don't go anywhere, that's what Night Fright brings you, the latest cutting edge research on the Kennedy assassination. No other show does that. Now, I am going to go off the beaten track somewhat and read an extended version of David's bio because it contains many things about David you may not be aware of.

David grew up in Rockaway Beach, New York. Cornell University's School of Engineering Physics in 1962 and thereupon enrolled in the University of California, Los Angeles to work on an advance degree in engineering. While there Lifton moon lighted as a computer engineer for North American Aviation, a contractor for, excuse me folks, only the Apollo program. As early as 1964, David became interested in the anomalies of the Kennedy conspiracy. David had attended a lecture given by Mark Lane and was hooked. Lifton purchased a set of the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission's investigation and started his own research on the Kennedy case. The January 1967 issue of Ramparts magazine presented a "special report" by Lifton, with David Welsh, entitled "The Case for Three Assassins" that laid out the scenario that more than one assassin was firing at Kennedy based on anomalies in the medical evidence.

In 1993, Lifton was played by Robert Picardo in the television movie Fatal Deception: Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald. He testified before the Assassination Records Review Board in September 1996, and provided the Board with various materials including 35mm interpositives of the Zapruder film, as well as copies of audiotapes, videotapes, and transcripts of witness interviews he conducted.

Bill Blackwell is a regular on this show and with good reason. He brings is expertise as a lawyer and his unique perspective in covering the JFK conspiracy. He is also integral in the law suit against the Federal Government over what is commonly called "Chem Trails".


The Case of the Three Assassians (PDF download)