Friday, June 16, 2017

Horsemen of the Apocalypse with Dick Russell

US & Paris Climate Accord, Environmental Protection Agency, Global warming, Dick Russell, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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Show time welcome to the show. Take this time for you, kick your feet back on your most comfy chair. You've have worked hard all week and deserve this time. Get the coffee going, get the tea going or a beverage of choice. As I drove into the studio tonight I looked over magnificent Lake Ontario. The scenery in Kingston is stunningly beautiful. However last summer Kingston experienced a drought and water was rationed. We live on Lake Ontario, folks, a great lake, and water was rationed. Think about that for a second. This winter was the weakest winter I have ever seen. Very little snow and temperatures so high, normal areas of Lake Ontario that usually freeze, didn't. So what does that mean? Well, it means that ice that would normally cover and protect this huge body of water from the suns ray and reflect them back, thus preventing evaporation, didn't happen. When this Lake goes down an inch, well think about that as well, that's a lot of water. Our spring is late this year, by about a month, normal weather patterns are disrupted as never before, we are seeing more and more signs of global warming across the globe. Extreme weather, draughts that never had droughts, floods where flood never occur, warm winters, hottest blazing summers, all are evidence something is a miss.

The book is called: Horsemen of the Apocalypse The Men Who Are Destroying Life on Earth—And What It Means for Our Children by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dick Russell, David Talbot

Our guest tonight, Dick Russell is an acclaimed environmental writer, with a special expertise on the crisis that is confronting the world’s oceans and fisheries. He is the author of Striper Wars: An American Fish Story and Eye of the Whale. Dick has authored best-selling books with Jesse Ventura. His ground breaking book "The Man Who Knew Too Much," is considered a classic in JFK assassination literature. Dick Russell is the winner of the Chevron Conservation Award.

Academy Award winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo Dicaprio calls the book ”A must read for anyone concerned with climate and energy issues.”


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