Friday, February 10, 2017


"Amazing Stories of the Space Age" is about the most mysterious and intriguing episodes of the history of space exploration—its undercover projects, grandiose dreams, odd spinoffs, and muffled dramas. But rather than being tales of fiction or bogus conspiracy theories, the amazing stories presented here are all true, thoroughly researched, and expertly described.

Our guest tonight and the book's author, Rod Pyle has an encyclopedic knowledge of everything space. Rod's previous show with us on Mars can be found here.

Apollo 11 near crash on the moon instead of landing on it, Operation Silverbird - Nazi attempt for a delivery system, a sub orbital skip bomber, for an atomic bomb they were working on Rugen Sanger & Irene Bredt. Targets were Manhattan. started in 1938 looking for possibilities on how to bomb mainland USA. 1939 Nazis were working nuclear fission to build atomic bomb. Verner Von Braun, Space Shuttle accidents, Project Horizon -army on the moon, "Outter Space Treaty", weapons in space, Sputnik, Mercury, Apollo, Space Shuttle, Staurn V Rocket, WWII, V1, V2, Operation Paper Clip, JFK, President Kennedy, Abe Silverstein, Top Secret, Classified, NASA, JPL, Gene Kranz, USAF, Nobel Physicist Doug Osheroff, Columbia Disaster...



Douglas Osheroff Interview