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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Alan Thicke, Canadian class

When I started the Brent Holland Show as a campus radio show in Sudbury circa 2009, I reached to many Canadian celebs to come on the show to inspire the youth of today as the show is syndicated through the campus radio network, I invited Margret Attwood (elitist), Mansbridge (clueless) The Dragons (gutless), a whole bunch. PM Paul Martin said yes and Alan Thicke. You see, when you do my show its because you care about the youth. Students don't have money to buy books. For my guests it is an opportunity to engage with them and inspire them through their own life experiences; trials and success.

We booked a date through email, then the day of the interview Alan emailed me with a new telephone number to call him at. So I called him early that Hollywood evening in March. Alan was at a friend's house, Turned out his friend was the producer of a new Hollywood feature film, Alan was decked out, all set to go to the premier. He could have easily canceled, but instead he showed so much class that he didn't and called me and did the interview inspiring with every word. He spoke about the responsibility of being a dad, not only on TV but real life, how proud he was of them, his efforts to raise funds through LA celeb hockey tournaments, hockey ran through his red Canadian blood and the Canadian Diabetic Foundation. You see Alan has a son who is diabetic. He also spoke glowingly about our Canadian Forces who, at that time, were heavily engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan. He chastised all those who dared to criticize the Forces, not the war, the Forces.

Alan Thicke could have refused to come on the show that evening and who could have blamed him? But he didn't. He was a down to earth guy, the guy next door: help you paint a room or mow the lawn.Have a beer and BBQ with and watch a hockey game.
I am forever grateful to him for coming on my volunteer campus show.
Alan Thicke was a true touch of authentic Canadian class.

Hear the show: get inspired!
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