Saturday, November 5, 2016

Betrayal with Hugh Clark Part One

Living history in his own words: Hugh Clark was a member of the honor guard that took President Kennedy’s body to Arlington Cemetery for burial. He was an investigator for the United Nations. After Hugh left the service he became a New York City detective and held that position for 22 years.

In 2015, While interviewing various witnesses who were present at President Kennedy's Autopsy taking place at Bethesda Hospital, some of those were the official honor guard, who had delivered the president's coffin.

What happened next was extraordinary. The medical corpsmen told the honor guards that they had actually received the president's body almost a half-hour before the honor guard got there. The honor guard couldn't believe this. They had met the president's plane at Andrews, taken possession of his casket and shadowed it all the way to Bethesda. The two sides almost broke into fisticuffs, accusing the other of untruths. This is dynamic first person testimony.


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