Sunday, November 27, 2016

David Lifton Part One

I'm Brent Holland and welcome to night fright. November 22, 1963 Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas. JFK is assassinated and the world changed in that instant. To sit in the seat “Jack” sat, takes a person with idealism. Idealism for humanity. November 22, 1963 saw that idealism betrayed. Through my many personal conversations with JFK aid and speech writer Ted Sorensen he told me that the United Sates nor any other country could suffer the loss of a JFK, Bbby or DR. King and expect business as usual. In my view, we are suffering the consequences of those assassinations today. I have interviewed over one hundred people who are connected with the JFK assassination and in every case they all mention a single book in their libraries that they constantly refer back to, a single book that has inspired them to continue their own research on the Kennedy assassination That book is called Best Evidence Its author and our guest tonight is the legendary David Lifton


Best Evidence Research Video
David Lifton Bismarck Lecture

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