Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Haunting of Asylum 49

Show time welcome to the show I 'm Brent Holland and welcome to Night Fright. Get the coffee going get the tea going or get a beverage of choice. Settle back in that most comfy chair and kick your feet up. It's always a great idea to turn those lights way down and pull that comforter way up. This week we continue with our series of shows for Halloween, and tonight's show... well just let me say, will have your heart smashing against your chest and leaping out of your mouth. But not to worry folks, we have that covered for you tonight, we have a trained professional paramedic on board for tonight's show. Richard Estep is a paramedic by day and by night one the world's best paranormal investigators and authors. Richard's co-author, Cami Anderson is owner of Asylum 49, aka the Old Tooele Valley hospital, along with her husband Kimm and niece and nephew, Dusty and Lyle. Cami has been investigating & researching the spirits & activity at Asylum 49 for ten years. Together they have penned a new book titled: The Haunting of Asylum 49 Everybody loves a good scare at Halloween, Asylum 49 is a former medical facility outside Salt Lake City that stands next to a graveyard and is home to a full-contact Halloween haunt with a difference: the ghosts are all too real, & they are very willing to interact with the living. Hundreds of staff members, customers, and ghost hunters have encountered them firsthand over the years.

Tonight folks paranormal investigator Richard Estep and Asylum 49 owner Cami Andersen have offered to bring us bring us behind-the-scenes on our very own private ghost hunting tour of one of the world’s most haunted hospitals. Tonight will meet the ghostly children who like to tease unsuspecting visitors & the angry ER doctor who insists on things being done his way…or else. We will explore something called "the maze", home to a malicious dark entity named “The Guardian,” & we'll meet Jeremy, who died of severe burns & whose appearances are heralded by the smell of lingering smoke. These and the many other restless spirits have their own stories to tell, their own reasons for continuing to haunt the darkened rooms and shadowy hallways. And they are very eager to meet you...


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The Haunting of Asylum 49
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