Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Critical Mass with Carter Hydrick

During the closing Days of World War II, in Europe, two U boat submarines secretly left ports and slipped beneath the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. One of those U boats number U-235, would end its journey in Argentina. It has been said this sub carried Hitler. The other U boat, number U-234, had a far different destination & cargo. The sub was destined for Japan. Let's not forget The European war would end on May 8 1945. The war in Japan would rage on for another four full months until September 2, 1945. The cargo contained on the submarine was essential to the Japanese war effort and had the potential of making the AXIS powers of Germany, Japan and Italy victorious and rulers of the world. The history books say that the Nazis were not even close to creating a nuclear weapon and that the US were the only country capable of creating them. According to our guest tonight, Carter Hydrek, and his book : Critical Mass, those history books are wrong.

Let me give you a hint of where we are going tonight: In July 2011, 126,000 barrels of spent uranium from the Nazi atomic bomb program was reported to have been discovered. Don't go anywhere. Tonight we are going to look at just how far along the Germans really were with their nuclear program, the

Researcher and writer Carter Plymton Hydrick is considered by many the leading expert on the history of surrendered U-boat U-234 & its cargo of enriched uranium, which he tracked into the Manhattan Project and the Hiroshima bomb.


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Critical Mass