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Friday, July 8, 2016

The Money Mafia with Hon. Paul Hellyer CDN Minister

The Honourable Paul Hellyer-- Canadian Minister of Defence (ret) "The Money Mafia A World In Crisis". A no nonsense real world perspective on the looming global financial crisis due directly to BANKING CABALS. Mr Hellyer's reveals his direct approach to ending the financial crisis and poverty using a tried and true formula that was utilized during his time in the Canadian Parliament. A time that saw has been recorded as the most prosperous in Canada thus far. For those with pessimism in their hearts, Mr. Hellyer's approach brings new hope and a real world solution not just for Canada but globally and especially in America. At this crucial juncture in history Mr. Hellyer's interview is a must.

Paul Hellyer served as an artillery gunner during the second world war and was elected to Parliament in 1949. At that time he was the youngest MP ever elected to parliament. During that period, he served under Prime Minister Louis St Laurent as Associate Minister of National Defence. In 1963 Mr. Hellyer served as Minister of Defence in the cabinet of Nobel Peace Prize winner Lester B Person (Peace Keeping). In 1968, under Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, that's Justin's dad by the way, Mr. Hellyer served once again as a cabinet minister this time as Minister of Transport.


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