Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weapons of the Gods with Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern "Weapons of the Gods" evidence of ancient nuclear holocaust? The world's on fire like never before. Everywhere we look there is war, conflict, refugees; in short there is a brewing storm. In October of 1962 the Cuban Missile Crisis took place. We were so close to nuclear annihilation that Ted Sorensen told me President Kennedy had called his wife to bring the children home to the White House so they could all die together the next day. The end of the planet and human race seemed trapped on a unstoppable freight train to the apocalypse. However, Ted wrote a letter to Khrushchev and the species ending apocalypse was averted, at least for now. The question remains can and would the human race ever destroy itself? Is it at all possible there has been precedent from the past, that perhaps societies have wiped themselves off the map using WNDs only to begin again. Sounds strange doesn't it? But let's look to that past and take a closer look with some examples from our guest's tonight, Nick Redfern, and his new book "Weapons of the Gods": In the 1950s a buried layer of green glass, or trinities, extending for 100 miles in a desert of Israel was uncovered. It is almost identical to the same substance that was found, ominously, at the site of the atomic bomb testing, the Trinity Site, in New Mexico. A temperature of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit is required to turn sand into trinities. Over to India and accounts of irradiated cities, radioactive skeletons and the remains of people suggesting they were stopped in their tracks by some terrible event. And now, closer to home. Researchers Richard B Firestone & William Topping claim a nuclear catastrophe took place between 18,000 and 8000BC in none other than the Great Lakes area in North America, where irradiated areas remain today. Join us as we explore the ancient cultures of the past and perhaps ancient aliens as well.


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