Friday, February 5, 2016

The Aztec UFO Incident with Dr. Frank Thayer

July 1947 the Roswell incident took place. Just 8 months later, March 25, 1948 in the high desert of New Mexico in the early morn, a rancher leaves his house to let his goats out of the corral. There is a loud noise that draws his eyes to the sky where he sees a silver flying saucer wobbling as if in distress. The saucer scrapes along a rock cliff causing sparks. It then heads north and lands on a mesa. There a group of witnesses gather to examine the craft including ranchers, oil field workers, police, a county commissioner and a preacher. They find that the craft is intact except for a small hole the size of a quarter. They grab a pole from one of their trucks and begin poking in the side of the craft. Suddenly the craft opens and reveals 2 slumped over dead beings. This incident has become known as The Aztec UFO INCIDENT.


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