Monday, February 29, 2016

Serial Killer Crime Wire with Elise Torres

Serial Killers, we would like to dismiss them all, as being some kind of sub specious of humanity, perhaps in order to distance ourselves in some futile attempt to feel safe, that no one in our circles could ever commit the barbaric crimes that these serial killers have. But according to our guest tonight, Elise Torres, who has done extensive research on serial killers, they are our neighbors, churchgoers, close friends, parents and maybe the very person sleeping right next to you, your husband or wife. I do a lot of shows with frightening content, from UFOs, to paranormal, to real life conspiracies, but none frighten me as much as serial killers, because 3 of the worst ever serial killers in Canada were housed not two blocks from our Kingston broadcast centre in the Canada's maximum security jail, The Kingston Penitentiary.

In the film Silence of the Lambs Hannibal lecture is brilliantly portrayed by Anthony Hopkins as a psychiatrist who has simply stepped outside of human empathy and devours his victims in a feeding frenzy in order to satisfy an insatiable appetite for murder. In the movie Seven Kevin Spacey looks to fulfill some quest of his own making based on the Bibles' seven sins, again disconnected from empathy.

In both these cases the serial killers are characterized as brilliant strategist, always steps ahead of the adversaries, those trying to stop them. But is this truly the case for all serial killers or is this just Hollywood's version of suspense. One huge question: how serial killers walk amongst us and stay veiled only to reveal themselves as true monsters only after they have been caught. What motivates this blood lust? Well that's what we are going to be looking at tonight; a reminder no children because we are going to be graphic.


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