Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Munro's Point with Jordan Bonaparte

Its night time here and the Heavens have opened up, there is a winter storm warning across the whole area. The snow is piling it rapidly and has closed roads. Talk about a perfect eve to settle in with a warm fire, beverage of choice and get ready to be told true UFO, Ghost Stories and BIg Tales from the rural areas of Canada's Cape Breton Nova Scotia. Get that warm blanket way up high. In January of 1986, in the dead of a January night, Edward & Theresa Hashem are driving on a secluded rural road on their way to of all things, a wake. Edward: "I was driving up a place called Munro's Point, it's a high level sort of a half size mountain and all of the sudden I saw this thing coming through the sky... it hovered right above my car, I had a fairly new car, but it stalled my engine. I looked up and it was a big disc, a round disc, it was really tremendous. It was maybe 20 - 30 feet in diameter. It stood up over my car and lit up the entire area. My wife next to me got the fright of her life when this thing hovered above the car." Jordan also reveals news about Canada's legendary Shag Harbor case, called Canada's Roswell. Ghosts stories, paranormal activity and a chilling experience about a track team training in the woods being chased by a Big Foot.


Night Time Podcast