Thursday, January 28, 2016

Last Word on the Jim Garrison Tapes with John Barbour

John Barbour has won 5 Emmys. He hosted the number rated TV show "Real People". He also sat down with Jim Garrison and recorded 3 hours of original interview archival material. John takes us through step by step how the media has been and still is making a concerted effort to keep these tapes from becoming public. In this exclusive two hour roller coaster show, John Barbour tells us about behind the scenes anecdotes about: Jim Garrison, JFK assassination, John Barbour, Real People, winning 5 Emmys, Last Word on the JFK Assassination, Last Word on the Garrison Tapes, Jim Marrs, Joan Melon, Robert Kennedy Jr., Bobby Kennedy assassination, Dr Thomas Noguchi, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, President Kennedy conspiracy, Hollywood, Ed Sullivan Show, Merv Griffin, Johnny Carson, Redd Foxx, Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jackie Mason, Warren Commission, House Select Committee on Assassinations, HSCA, Church Committee, Vietnam War, false flags, Mafia, Bobby Kennedy conspiracy, and more.


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