Friday, December 11, 2015

Rosalind Hennigar

Viewer discretion: graphic content. "I think we are all vampires, only some of us are more awakened to our abilities than others, and those that are not awakened need to brought up to some conclusion" Rosalind Hennigar. Our guest tonight takes deep into the underworld of real life vampires, illuminating a chosen way of life for those seeking sustenance by "sucking energy" or , in some cases, real human blood. Her terrifying true experience with a Ouija board where something not bargained for got conjured up. Rosalind also conveys her own true experience with a teenage girl who conversed with the voice of an invisible human man who declared" you are mine". We also examine what dark forces may lie behind The Slender Man stabbing case. Be warned in advance, this is graphic content and viewer discretion cannot be emphasized enough.


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