Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Prophecies of Edgar Casey

The eerie accuracy of Edgar Cayce readings & prophecies with Edgar Cayce experts Nancy and Sidney Kirkpatrick live from Muskoka Canada. Topics: "Edgar Cayce" Prophecy" "books" "predictions" "healing" "True Tales from the Edgar Cayce Archives: Lives Touched & Lessons Learned from the sleeping prophet" "future" "mystic" "mystery" "American" "legend" "Woodrow Wilson" "Thomas Edison" "Irving Berlin" "George Gershwin" "Edgar Cayce Canada" Muskoka" "Ontario" "Canada" "real" "true" "stories"  "reincarnation" "Atlantis" "Aliens" "Extraterrestrial" "near death experience" "Seer" "Cayce" "trance" "Harry Houdini" "altered state" "Nostradamus" "spiritual" "universe" "Carl Young" "collective consciousness"


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