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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thom Reed

The 1ST and only ufo case in the united states OFFICIALLY Inducted as "historically significant and true."  It's the early 1960s in a small town by the name of Sheffield Massachusetts. It is fall and the shadows are long. Inside the family farm house two brothers Thom Reed, age 6 and his younger brother Mathew, are safe and asleep in their bedroom. Suddenly the house is illuminated and hit with what has been described as "a barrage of bright burst of light". Mathew, watches his brother Thom, now engulfed in light, evaporates in front of him. Mathew bolts for the door and down the hall for his mother Nancy. He finds his mother in somewhat of a catatonic state but revives her enough to relay the horror of what has just taken place. Nancy makes her way towards the boys bedroom, when suddenly with a snap of a deafening bang, Mathew also disappears. Nancy, now frantic, races from field to field on their 80 acre land. They boys are found, but 15 feet from each other starring blankly at each other, shaken to their core. Ominously this would not be the last of such unexplained experiences the family would have to suffer. Our guest tonight is the grown Thon Reed form the story I have just told you. Tonight we are going head first into the case.


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