Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Lives, Times and Assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King & Malcolm X

The "official" story is that Martin Luther King was assassination by a lone gunman, James Earl Ray, in 1968. However, a 1997 Civil case, brought by the King family, reveals something more sinister. A jury, of six whites and six blacks, found that a conspiracy of government agencies were involved in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. More shocking, this civil case received little, to no, media attention. One of those who did attend the trial is our guest tonight. Jim Douglass rejoins the program.  And, what he has to say is explosive. The Sixties saw the rise of two great leaders in the Civil Rights Movement. One, was Dr. Martin Luther King, who was the voice of the poor and disenfranchised of the South. The other was Malcolm X, who spoke for the more urbanized blacks of the North. Though, these two men had radically different approaches, each man complimented the other, as each struggled, not just for Civil rights, but for the rights of all human beings. Was their very vocal opposition to the Vietnam war, ultimately what killed these great and honorable men? And did their assassinations follow a template? A template created by a conspiracy of government agencies, that lead to the death of JFK? Shocking stuff, folks. Not to be missed.


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