Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knights Templar with Joel Shadow

The year is 1128 of the Common Era. The first crusade has just finished and European Christians are in control of the Holy Land . In the heart of it all stands the Holy City of Jerusalem and at its centre is the historical Temple of Solomon or as we know it today: the Dome of the Rock. 9 Knights Templar, following precise excavation blue prints, dig silently beneath the temple mount in the dead of night. Suddenly and without warning, they halt all digging. They quickly mount their horses and bolt directly back to Europe without stopping. What is uncertain is what they have found that night. What is known, is that shortly after returning, these Knights became enormously rich and powerful. Fast forward some two hundred years to the year 1318 , October 12 , the day before Friday the 13 th, 24 Templar Knights were seen boarding 18 ships off the coast of France . The next day Templar Knights around Europe were rounded up and thrown unceremoniously into jail to be tried for heresy and devil worship, Friday the 13 th forever cast into legend as an unlucky day…indeed. Off the coast of France , the 18 Templar ships previously mentioned, have set sail and were gone. Vanishing as if never existing. Their contents and passengers never to be heard from again. The Knights Templar; from their inception shrouded in secrecy. How could only 9 knights protect the Holy Land , what was their real mission? Did they find the secrets of the universe reportedly stored in hidden catacombs beneath the Temple Mount ? The Ark of the Covenant containing Moses’ original Tablets of The 10 Commandments? The Holy Grail with the power of immortality? The Knights Templar: They have forever been entwined with names like Richard the Lion Heart, the great Muslim leader Saladin and…Jesus Christ Himself. Were they indeed responsible for the safety of Jesus’ and Mary Magdalene’s offspring as stated in Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code?” Does the Holy offspring wonder amongst today, waiting for the precise moment to declare themselves? Tonight on Night Fright we will separate the historical from the myth. Tonight on Night Fright we will unravel a mystery a thousand years old. Tonight on Night Fright historian Joel Shadow joins us in our own quest for the Holy Grail. It’s going to be a wild one. Strap in and hang on here we go...

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