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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gettysburg Ghosts with Wayne Franks


Military rein-actor and historian Wayne Franks has been to just about every major historical battlefield in North America including Gettysburg, Ticonderoga, War of 1812 to partake in reenactments of  the famous battles that took place there. Along his journeys as a weekend rein-actor and Military Historian he has gathered stories from the park rangers, fellow rein-actors and personal sightings and experiences of apparitions. Folks, get ready to have the daylights scared out of you. Tonight on night fright: do the dead still march and fight long forgotten battles? Do the dead still roam the last place they were seen alive; perhaps unknowing they have passed on? Do we have anything to fear from these sightings? Tonight on Night Fright its Haunted Military Battlefields.

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