Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last Word on the JFK Assassination video, John Barbour

Despite being the subject of the academy award winning film, JFK, attorney Jim Garrison was often mocked and vilified in the mass media for daring to pursue an investigation in the JFK assassination. Our guest tonight, John Barbour has spent years trying to get Jim Garrison's true story out in the public eye (often putting his own career and reputation at risk in the process). John Barbour is a screenwriter, an actor, a film critic, and is a five time Emmy Award winner. As the creator and co-host of Real People he is  the "Godfather" of reality television.  John Barbour joins us to discuss his two documentaries: The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrision Tapes and The Last Word on the JFK Assassination. He also shares stories of his time in Hollywood, and his friendship with Frank Sinatra.


State Secret Conclusion by Bill Simpich. Read it free here.