Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Canadian Forces Afghanistan 18 vs 200 Taliban save Kandahar true story

In Contact Charlie, National Post reporter and embedded journalist Chris Wattie offers an intimate and harrowing look at the series of battles that would eventually take the lives of seven soldiers, including Captain Nichola Goddard, Canada''s first female combat casualty, and veteran soldier Sergeant Vaughn Ingram, who died trying to save one of his young troops. Based on Wattie''s own experience in Afghanistan, as well as hundreds of post-tour interviews with the men and women on the ground, Contact Charlie is a rare piece of military writing, providing readers with a behind-the-scenes look at the stories that made headlines that summer-and continue to do so today.

CHRIS WATTIE is a senior national reporter with the National Post , and one of the first Canadian reporters embedded with the army when he accompanied Canadian troops on the International Security Assistance Force mission in Kabul in 2003. He was also with the Canadian Forces'' disaster assistance response team in Sri Lanka for the aftermath of the 2005 tsunami. In January 2006, he travelled to Kandahar with the first troops of the Canadian battle group deployed to southern Afghanistan and was embedded for eight weeks.