Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oliver Stone JFK Consultant Robert Groden

Robert Groden walks us through the film JFK and explain the true research behind all the scenes in the movie. Who knew in advance of the assassination. How evidence was tampered with. The magic bullet. Smoking guns. The cover-up. What drove Oliver Stone despite the demonetization of his film. Robert will also reveal what took place behind the scenes as well...

Robert was the first person to bring the Zapruder film to national TV in 1975, on Good Night America with Geraldo Rivera. His efforts that year proved instrumental in forcing Congress to reopen the investigation creating the House Select Committee on Assassinations, where Mr. Groden served as staff photographic consultant for three years. Mr. Groden was also senior program consultant to the 1988 landmark British documentary mini-series The Men Who Killed Kennedy.