Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Parkland JFK Kennedy assassination autopsy Dr Robert McClelland

Imagine if we had the chance to speak with the doctor who worked on President Abraham Lincoln after he was fatally wounded? What a priceless treasure for all time that would be. Tonight we have that opportunity. Meet Dr. Robert McClelland, the Dallas Parkland Hospital emergency room surgeon who worked on JFK moments after he was shot! It has been 48 years since the young president, husband to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and father of two: John Jr. and Caroline, was gunned down in broad daylight at high noon on the streets of Dallas. The world has a filmed record of the assassination called the Zupruder Film that most everyone has seen. But what did the 1st person witnesses see?

Dr McClelland takes us back in time directly into Trauma Room One in Parkland Hospital, just minutes after the shots rang out in Dealey Plaza. When Kennedy arrived he was still alive, the back of his skull was gone but there was a heartbeat and he was struggling to breath. Through Dr. McClelland’s eyes he takes us directly beside the head of the fatally wounded President of the United States John Kennedy as he lay dying on an emergency room gurney.

Dr. McClelland has been called upon to testify to the American government’s Warren Commission in 1964, the US  House select Commission on Assassinations 1978 (who’s conclusion found a conspiracy in the murder of JFK) and on a PBS Front Line exposé on the assassination. Over the years, Dr. McClelland has come to believe that what the Warren Commission presented was a lie and offers his own perspective and theory as to what took place that day November 22, 1963. Alarmingly, the wounds on JFK that Dr. McClelland witnessed are not the same as the official autopsy photos.

 Dr. McClelland also worked on Lee Harvey Oswald two days later and tells us that experience struggling to recitate the purported murder of JFK, moments after a known Mafioso by the name of Jack Ruby shot Oswald.

Tonight the true story of Dr. Robert McClelland emergency room surgeon who was in Trauma room one that day, pulling out all the stops to resuscitate and to try and save the life of that young president John F. Kennedy. Tonight we present that true life testament by none other than Dr. Robert McClelland himself. Living history tonight folks. Folks it doesn't get any more real than this.